Monday, June 2, 2008

The things kids say....

Tonight, as I was tucking my girls into bed, Kenadie needed some cough medicine. So I trudge back up the stairs to get the medicine, and a glass of water to wash it down. It is Triaminic, and she hates it! So I get back down into her room, and her younger sister Teigan, the one who just turned 4, has the following conversation with me while Kenadie is getting her medicine:

Mommy: "here is your cough medicine, Kenadie, drink it up"

Kenadie: (drinking her medicine and washing it down with the water)

Teigan: "i think i am getting sick too, can I have some?"

Mommy: "Teigan, this medicine is for kenadie, so she will stop coughing"

Teigan: "I think I need some fart medicine"

Needless to say, I laughed outloud and had tears streaming down my cheeks from this comment. I need to document this on a layout, it really is priceless!

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