Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This morning my 12 year-old stepson was in a huff, because he had no clean pants to wear to school. He had lots of shorts, but none that matched the shirt he wanted to wear. We tried to explain to him, that clothes laying on your bedroom floor will never make it into the washing machine! He finally found some shorts to wear, but now he needed a "short" pair of socks! Oh my the trauma of being in 6th grade, LOL! I remeber the pressure of wanting to look "cool" and have all the newest coolest clothes. I remember having a MAJOR additude with my parents, and those words they yelled to me as I slammed my bedroom door, you know the ones, "I hope YOUR kids are just like YOU!" Well, they are, they are ALL just like me. Oh lord, help me! LOL!


"I know we don’t alway agree on things,
I know sometimes you stomp into your room
cursing under your breath at me. I know I
make you mad. I know you think you know
everything, and that your dad and I don’t
know anything. I know you are at the age where
you would rather spend all day with your
super cool frineds, than with your family.
I know we don’t always get along. I know
your sisters bug you sometimes, okay most
of the time! I know you need your space.
I know you are almost a teenager, and
this too shall pass. I know we will endure.
I love you!"

Thanks again for the wonderful kit from Polka dot Potato :)

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