Monday, February 9, 2009

Halloween in February?!?!?!

LOL! Okay, Okay, I know, who posts their Halloweeen pics in the middle of February? You got it! ME! :) Fall is a very busy time for me and little things get neglected, like my poor poor blog, but anywho, as promised here are my little ones from halloween. I made the costumes, and they just had a ball being little mermaids! I am making one vow for 2009, NO WIGS!! This halloween the entire time the girls were running for candy, they had to keep adjusting their wigs, LOL what a sight!


Since I do love halloween so very much, I made a special treat this year for Kenadies class. They are rice crispy treats covered in white chocolate (died green) and then decorated with m&m's and black frosting! they were so much fun to make, but I highly recomend using the premade crispy treats, instead of making your own, just trust me on this one ;)


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