Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time flies!

My oh my where did the summer go? Heck, where did fall go? Halloween is fast approaching, and I can't wait! I have my girls costumes almost finished, they are both going to be mermaids. I got the idea for the costume from Heather Baily's blog. I should be finished with them by the end of tonight, I will post some pics of these adorable costumes, the minute they are done! My halloween costume is coming along quite nicely also. Every year we have an adult costume party, and you MUST dress up to come! It really is so much fun. 2 years ago I was a pirate wench and Brad was Jack sparrow, last year I was a punk rocker/gothic chick. Take a look...
here is Jack Sparrow

Pirate wench (that's me) The other two girls in the pic are 2 of my greatest friends, love ya girls!

and finally, the punk rocker/goth chick, man, let me tell you, this costume was hard work! I had sores in my nostril from the clip on nose rings, and a stiff neck from the wig!

Can you tell I just love it! It is raining here today, but when it stops, if the sun comes out, I'll take some pics of our overly decorated pumpkin patch of a yard! Happy Haunting!

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